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Carvin Jones

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"Carvin Jones is a young cat out of Phoenix who I think is the next up-and-coming blues player." ~ Eric Clapton


Voted "one of the 50 greatest blues guitarists of  all time" by Guitarist Magazine.


Carvin Jones, the "King of Strings", is an explosive blues front man who astounds crowds with his raw talent and charisma. Carvin has played 37 countries on 3 continents and has been well received by critics and fans alike. Carvin and his band currently average around 330 live performances a year. His remarkable energy, showmanship and guitar ability have made him a favorite of music fans and fellow musicians alike all over the world.


Early Life

Carvin Jones was born in Lufkin, Texas. At a very young age, he was seduced to the blues by listening to BB King records his grandfather constantly played in the house. He started playing guitar himself at the age of 7 when his grandmother bought him his first guitar. He escaped a rough neighborhood by teaching himself to play and dedicating his time to playing his guitar. Even though a high school teacher had told him he'd never make it in the music business, by the age of 19, Carvin had moved to Arizona to start what has become a very successful music career. He is definitely BORN TO WIN!


Carvin began touring outside the U.S.A. in 1997 with his first tour of The United Kingdom. His European popularity boomed immediately and he began touring all over Europe and eventually South America, too! To date he has performed in over 37 countries such as Canada, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil,  Spain, The Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic ... to name just a few!

Carvin has performed at many famous blues festivals around the world and appeared on national television in many countrIes ... including 2 appearances on the highly rated late night show Radio 3 on RTVE National Television in Spain which drew 20 million viewers!

On June 23, 2016 he performed his biggest show to date in Valladolid, Spain. 60,000 Carvin Jones fans were in attendance for Carvin's 50th Birthday show!


In recent years, Carvin has added an extensive U.S.A. tour to his successful and busy tour schedule! He's toured from Alaska to Texas to Maryland to California and has upcoming tour dates scheduled or in the works all over the country!


2023 highlights

2023 had Carvin and his band performing in many new venues in front of brand new audiences - and much to his surprise, to many full houses! This trend will continue into 2024 as Carvin spreads his lifelong love of the blues and his contagious enthusiasm to thousands more new fans across the United States!

March/April 2023 - Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

June 2023 - Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Nevada

July 2023 - California, Nevada, Oregon

September 2023 - Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado

November 2023 - Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, New Mexico

Stay updated on upcoming tours by visiting our Calendar or Ticket tabs and THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE SOLD OUT SHOWS NATIONWIDE!

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Community Work


During the Corona Virus Pandemic , Carvin heard stories about how some elderly quarantined people had been taken advantage of. A story that people were taking the elderly's money to get groceries and supplies for them but never returning with the items particulary struck Carvin. He decided that during this unplanned downtime he would do some shopping on his own for some elderly neighbors and fans. He purchased necessities and delivered them free of charge much to the suprise and joy of the recipients! He started receiving messages from fans with more requests for supplies and he started receiving donations to help with the purchases. It has been a very rewarding time to see the happiness and gratitude in the faces of the elderly that he has been able to help. It's been a reminder that we should all do what we can to help those around us! Carvin has and plans to continue this as long as there is a need! CARVIN CARES! 


Carvin also dedicates time to both sponsoring city league basketball teams in the Phoenix area and coaching local kids in the game he also loves playing competitively himself! 


He visits schools and community centers and also loves giving his time and support by personally visiting sick kids and fans. 


Carvin has released over 12 albums and several DVD's . He has played countless festivals, made numerous televison appearances and has received praise and recognition from some of the top artists in the blues world. He has pleased music fans worldwide with his high energy show and electrifying guitar style. He has shared the stage and toured with legends including BB King, Santana, Jeff Beck, Albert King, Bufdy Miles, Albert Collins, The Animals, REO Speedwagon, Jimmy Vaughan, Double Trouble, Joe Cocker, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and many, many more. Carvin even played a tour for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait in 2011!


In January 2001, Guitarist Magazine named Carvin Jones "one of the top 50 blues guitarists of all time!" 


He has been named Blues Artist of the Year several times by Phoenix New Times Magazine.


In 2020, Carvin was featured in Phoenix Magazine's "Great 48" issue where he was named one of the 48 most influential people in Maricopa County! He also received an award from local TV in the same year for his work with the elderly during COVID.



Carvin Endorses Fender Guitars and Amplifiers.



Carvin Jones, "The King of the Strings" was voted one of the 50 greatest blues guitarists of all-time by Guitarist Magazine.


"Carvin Jones is a young cat out of Phoenix who I think is the next up-and-coming blues player" 


"' of the best blues guitarists in the world..."

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